Digital Electric and Digital Electricity will be the site for the latest electronic inventions and products for the future.


Digital Electric  and Digital Electricity 

will be the site for the latest wireless, electronic, laser light inventions and products for the future. ... click this link for Future Energy and technology

3D printing at home..industry standard, print anything.

WIND generating Electricity Balloon
For emergencies and disaster areas, and giving electrics to isolated towns 

BBC Click latest gadgets...

Solar Roadways & Highways...

NIF bringing Star Power to Earth

Imagine a future in which wireless electricity
How Wireless Power Will Change the World
CNN news
Energy Tranfer

How standard electricity works

Check out the latest tec stuff from the BBC

DNA Computers
The future of digital in your home
 Latest news for apple macs with IOS 5

 TechCrunch  Outdoor gear/Sporting Goods High power torches  electric cars of the future  experience Human flight 

 Water Fueled Car...electric hybred...why not run on just water, H2O? 

Magnetic hybrid

 Infinity-from Earth to Intergalactic Space Journey...Digital Electric will be there!

Steven Hawkings Travel at the speed of light...with digital electricity

 Future Technology...devices concept, hi-tec gadgets

 Heaps of edc  is up and running... watch this space

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 More Electronic inventions, gadgets and essentials to follow?  a link to properties in Devon